Annealed material optimises material and crimping propertiesSimple and safe connection due to flat contact surfaces and internal chamferWith crimp markings for correct crimp positioning

  • For round conductors, e.g. to DIN EN 60228 Cl. 1, 2, 5 and 6
  • For non-tension copper cables, e.g. to DIN 48201-1
  • For pre-rounded multi-stranded sector shaped conductors
  • With code number for clear tool assignment
  • To DIN 46235
  • Copper (EN13600)
  • Tin-plated to protect against corrosion



6mm² DIN 46235 Cu , Compression cable lugs (SKP Sıkıstırma Kablo Pabucu)

6mm² DIN 46235 Tip SKP Sıkmalı Kablo Pabuçları