C&CSM - Cutting and countersinking machine For tubing packed in

6-16 mm  Reels: For pipe packed as a bar of

16-45mm length of 4 meters:

-Since orbital cutting is made with rotating blades, there is no chip formation for cutting, cutting is done without waste.

-For our fully automatic molds that produce two cable lugs from one pipe, the two ends of the pipe are countersinked at the same time.


Production time for a cable lug is 1.5 seconds total for cutting and countersinking.

In this case, between 10.000 and 20.000 cable lug semi-finished products are prepared daily.


Machinery and molds are suitable for E4.0. With the central control panel you can follow your mobile phone or from any computer.

You can contact the current MRP with your business and get the past report.

The raw material loaded, the number of cable lugs and the total scrap account map on the production area can be updated at any time.


Without personnel, without waste, 10.000- 20.000 pieces / day


C&CSM (Orbital Cutting & Double Side Countersinking Machine) 6/16 mm